Rare Earth Alloy
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Rare Earth Alloy List:
Lanthanum Nickel Alloy(LaNi 80/20)
Lanthanum Aluminium Alloy(LaAl)
Copper Lanthanum Alloy (CuLa )
Cerium Aluminium Alloy (CeAl )
Cerium Copper Alloy  (CeCu)
Cerium Gadolinium Alloy (CeGd)
Praseodymium Neodymium Alloy (PrNd)
Praseodymium Iron Alloy (PrFe )
Praseodymium Copper Alloy  (PrCu)
Neodymium Iron Alloy (NdFe)
Nodymium Iron Boron Alloy  (NdFeB)
Neodymium Magnesium Alloy  (NdMg)
Samarium Cobalt  Alloy (SmCo)  
Samarium  Iron Alloy (SmFe)
Samarium Nickel Alloy (SmNi)
Gadolinium Copper Alloy (GdCu) 
Gadolinium Iron Alloy (GdFe)
Gadolinium Iron  Molybdenum Alloy (GdFeMo)
Gadolinium Magnesium Alloy (GdMg)
Terbium Iron Alloy (TbFe)
Terbium Iron Cobalt  Alloy (TbFeCo)
Terbium Dysprosium Iron Alloy (TbDyFe)
Terbium Nickel Alloy (TbNi)
Dysprosium Cobalt Alloy (DyCo )
Dysprosium Iron Alloy (DyFe)
Holmium Copper Alloy (HoCu)
Holmium Iron Alloy (HoFe)
Erbium Aluminium Alloy (ErAl)
Erbium Nickel Alloy (ErNi)
Scandium Aluminium Alloy (ScAl 2/98%)
Yttrium Iron Alloy (YFe)
Yttrium Aluminium Alloy (YAl )
Yttrium  Magnesium Alloy (YMg)
Yttrium Nickel Alloy (YNi)
Yttrium Copper Alloy (YCu)
Zirconium  Yttrium Alloy (ZrY 85/15at%)


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