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Rare Earth Metal
Introduction Leadmat supply many kinds of rare earth metals and rare earth metal products,include the shape, we can produce ingot, piede, lump, sheet, wire, tube, foil, and rare earh metal sputtering targets...
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Rare Earth Alloy
Introduction Leadmat offers major produce many kinds of rare earth alloys,alloys include Scandium alumium alloy, aluminium neodymium alloy,nedymium iron alloy,lanthanum nickel alloy, gadolinium iron alloy,Dysprosium Iron Alloy,Yttrium...
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Rare Earth Compound
Introduction Leadmat supply many kinds of rare earth product,include Rare Earth Oxide,Rare Earth Boride,Rare Earth Fluoride,Rare Earth Chloride, Rare Earth Carbonate,Rare Earth Nitrate,Rare Earth Acetate,Rare Earth Iodide...
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