IZO Sputtering Target Application
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Indium Doped Zinc Oxide (IZO)

The zinc doped indium oxide (IZO) films deposited with various sputter parameters such as, film thickness ranging from 200 to 500 nm, O2/Ar ratio ranging from 0% to 12%, and sputter power ranging from 100 to250W was studied in this work. For a 200 nm thick IZO film grown at room temperature in pure argon atmosphere, the resistivity was 2.4104 ohm cm and the average transmittance in the visible region was 80%. The root mean square roughness of IZO film was around 0.4 nm regardless of the film thickness due to the IZO films exhibiting an amorphous structure. With increasing film thickness, the IZO films showed an increase in the resistivity and energy band gap. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis suggests that the IZO films with reduction of O2/Ar ratio possess two splitting O 1s binding energy levels, suggesting the IZO films were oxygen deficient and resulted in a lower resistivity.

The IZO film is the possible candicate for replacing the Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) film in pattern precision or low processing temperature concerns. At present, we commonly produce In2O3:ZnO = 90:10 wt%, other composition can also be custom produced.

Serve as the raw materials for the sputter deposition of a variety of thin films and coatings used in the microelectronic, flat panel display, data storage, optical glass coating, and other industries, the core process technologies used in coating material and target manufacturing include:
Casting (vacuum or atmospheric), rolling, forging (hot / cold), pressing (cold, hot, uniaxial or isotropic), sintering, spraying (plasma, wire). CAM runs all these process technologies, including cutting, milling, sawing, grinding, etc.

Indium Zinc Oxide (IZO) Sputtering Targets

Purity---99.99% , In2O3+SnO2  90:10  95:5  Density---7.12g/cm3

Shape--- Discs, Rectangle, Step, Circle, Tube,  Custom-Made

Diameter--- Dia (350mm),  Length---(650mm), Width---(350mm) Thickness---(1mm)

Resistivity --- 2.4104 ohm

Application---thermal electrode of the waveguide devices



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