CVD Chemical Vapour Deposition
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CVD facilitates the production of high purity ceramics mainly for the semiconductor industry.

Based on its high purity and chemical stability at high temperatures, PBN and PG are ideal candidates to manufacture III-V-compounds.

From Fulmer Research Ltd. to Sintec to CVT.
CVD- products had the evolution to the best.
CVD - high purity ceramic for high standard applications.

Manufacturing process
of CVD

The basic raw materials are high purity gases such wa Boron Halides, Nitrogen, Ammonia or Hydrocarbon.

These gases are reacted at high temperature and the products deposited onto machined graphite mandrels in a controlled atmosphere.

Dependent upon the material selcted for the mandrel the deposit will either bond to the mandrel or be released to give a free standing shape.

Parts are then machines to customers specification. After quality inspection the high purity parts are cleaned, sealed and packed for despatch.



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