Preparation of WC sub x thin films by RF sputtering and their electrocatalytic property for anodic methanol oxidation
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Thin films of W-C compounds have been prepared by RF sputtering and the electrocatalytic characteristics for anodic methanol oxidation were studied by taking into account their surface compositional and structural properties: ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) auger electron spectroscopy system was combined with an RF sputtering apparatus so as to analyze the surface of sputtered WC{sub {ital x}} films which were prepared from WC or W target by normal or reactive RF sputtering in Ar or Ar-CH{sub 4} mixed atmosphere were found to be electrocatalytically active toward the anodic methanol oxidation. Particularly, films containing the crystalline WC{sub 1 {minus} {delta}} phase obtained by the normal RF sputtering of WC target or by the reactive RF sputtering of W target in the Ar-CH{sub 4} mixed atmosphere with CH{sub 4} concentration below 10 mole percent (m/o) provided only a poor activity or stability toward methanol oxidation, but amorphous a-WC{sub {ital x}} films prepared by the reactive RF sputtering in the atmosphere of Ar containing CH{sub 4} of 10.0 m/o or above exhibited a platinum-like electrocatalytic behavior with excellent stability as electrode materials.



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