Evaporation Materials
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Leadmat Evaporation Materials are available in many different materials, purities, sizes and shapes. The listing below gives you an idea of our extensive capabilities, however, if you are unable to locate your particular matenal/geometry, please contact us.

The following are standard material shapes:

  • Slugs
  • E-Beam Starter Sources
  • Random Size Pieces
  • Random Size Beads
  • Spooled Wire
These are available in various diameters, lengths, widths and purities. Please specifiy your particular requirement when inquiring.

Metals/Metal Alloys Slugs* E-Beam Starter
Random Size
Random Size
Aluminum     N/A N/A  
Aluminum / Silicon     N/A N/A  
Aluminum / Copper     N/A N/A  
Aluminum / Silicon / Copper     N/A N/A  
Antimony       N/A N/A
Chromium     N/A    
Cobalt     N/A N/A  
Copper     N/A N/A  
Copper / Nickel     N/A N/A  
Germanium N/A     N/A N/A
Gold     N/A    
Hafnium     N/A N/A  
Inconel   N/A N/A N/A  
Indium     N/A    
Iridium     N/A   N/A
Iron     N/A N/A  
Lead     N/A N/A  
Molybdenum     N/A N/A  
Nickel     N/A N/A  
Nickel / Chrome     N/A N/A  
Nickel / Iron     N/A N/A N/A
Nickel / Vanadium     N/A N/A N/A
Niobium     N/A    
Palladium     N/A    
Platinum     N/A    
Ruthenium N/A       N/A
Silicon N/A     N/A N/A
Silver     N/A N/A  
Tantalum     N/A N/A  
Titanium     N/A N/A  
Tungsten     N/A N/A  
Tungsten / Titanium N/A N/A   N/A N/A
Vanadium     N/A N/A  



and We also can offer ceramic evaporation materials such as SiO2,Al2O3,ZnS,MgF2,CaF2,TiO2...



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