Thin Film Sputtering Targets
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Leadmat holds an expertise in thin film sputtering targets coating technology. Our highly knowledgeable thin film process engineers and technicians utilize modern, state-of-the-art Leadmat In Line Load Lock Batch Sputtering Target PVD deposition equipment .

Leadmat sputtering targets Load Lock Sputtering Target permit the processing of multiple thin film layers in one in situ process step in vacuo without breaking vacuum. This results in superior adhesion between layers. RF Diode, RF Magnetron, DC Magnetron, and Pulsed DC Magnetron sputtering modes are utilized to produce thin films that are highly uniform, dense, homogeneous, and stoichiometric:

  • Al/Al alloys
  • Cr-Cu-Au
  • Ti-Pd-Au
  • Ti-Pt-Au
  • Ti/W-Ni-Au
Sputtering Target Metals . Custom thin film metallizations are available for a wide variety of deposition and hybrid circuit fabrication requirements. Electroplating and substrate patterning of thin films are not currently available.

Sputtered Metals and Applications
Application Material Typical Values
Adhesion Layer Titamium-Tungsten (TiW)
Chromium (Cr)
255-760 Angstroms
255-760 Angstroms
Barrier Layer Nickel (Ni) - Sputtered 760 - 2500 Angstroms
Conductor Layer Cupper (Cu)
Gold (Au)
30 - 300 µin.
10 - 200 µin.
Resistor Devices Tantalum-Nitrade (TaN)
Nickel-Chromium (NiCr)
Chromium-Silicon (CrSi)
10 - 150Ω (Min)
20 - 350Ω (Max)
500 - 1500Ω



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